Therapy Options

Couple Therapy

  1. Are you engaged to be married? Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Getting married to the person you love can be exciting. Premarital counseling can be the first step towards having the marriage  you and your partner both look forward to. Some benefits of premarital counseling are tools for healthy communication and conflict resolution, build on strengths that you and your partner bring to your relationship, identify solutions to potential challenges that could undermine the type of marriage you look forward to having. I am a trained facilitator of Prepare-Enrich couple assessment.  This is a strength based assessment that sometimes use with premarital couples to quickly help them quickly identify where we need to focus on while gaining needed skills.  See for more information on this assessment with a trained professional can help you prepare for marriage or enhancement your relationship.
  2.  Are you feeling disconnected? Do you seem to have the same argument over and over again? Have you tried to be happy and solve the marital problems? Are you wondering whether divorce or separation might be best? These are common experiences that many couples live with but don’t have to.  Good couple therapy may help you and your partner have a closer, stronger bond.  Some other benefits of couple‘s therapy may include healing through painful experiences, gaining better communication and conflict resolution skills, and a renewed hope for the future. For those couples where one person is considering divorce, discernment counseling may be beneficial. I work to help the “leaning out” partner to gain clarity and confidence about the marriage while I work to help the with the “leaning in” partner bring his or her best self to the marriage. It Is not uncommon for one partner to refuse to come to counseling. In this case, I work one the person who is willing to come in.

Individual Therapy

Are you feeling depressed, physically and mentally drained? Is anxiety or panic holding you back from the life you deserve? Do you feel guilt, shame, or doubt that comes up too often? Have you experienced a traumatic event in anytime in your life or experienced distress  Do you wonder if you should be talking to someone about what you are feeling besides your friends and family or haven’t been able share your feelings with anyone?  You are not alone and you can live beyond just managing and coping.  I can help you work through the emotional  and psychological  issues underneath your problems, teach you the coping and relaxation skills to better cope with your anxiety, streas, and depression.  I work adolescents, college students, young adults and older adults.

Family Therapy

Is your family going through or has gone through a life transition such as a divorce, remarriage, a death of a significant family member? Have you noticed changes such as depression in any member of the family, more conflict, or distance? Having parent-child relationship conflicts or does it seem that the parents can’t agree on discipline or other concerns? A Family is a social system that has its own unique structure with its own way and rules of relating and solving problems. Families affect each other in both positive and negative ways.  Families work best when there is open communication and a balance of individuality and togetherness.  Sometimes families can benefit from counseling with someone who is trained to work with the complexities that are inherent in the family system. I will work with your family to help your family function to meet the needs of the family and the family members.  I ask all relevant family members come in when I do family therapy. This gives each person the opportunity to express his or her perspective, strengths, and goals for the family system.