Auburn Marriage and Family Therapy

Angela Nelms-Griffin, M.S., LMFT

About Me

Who I Am

 Hi I'm Angela, the founder of Auburn Marriage and Family Therapy.  I am a native of the Auburn-Opelika area. I am a wife and the mother of two young adults. I‘m a graduate of the Marriage and Family program from Auburn University and the Master of Social Work program from Troy University.  I became a therapist because I was interested in helping people tell the “ unheard” stories of their lives. As a teenager, I remember what it was like to feel like you had no one who was willing to listen and try to understand your feelings and wants. Sometimes these “untold” stories are filled with pain, shame, and guilt that holds a person hostage and potentially undermines self identity. I also believe that within these stories lies the potential for healing.  It is my hope that you can know your true worth and have meaningful, authentic, and positive relationships with the people who matter most. I value the inherent worth of all individuals. I believe each person has strengths that I utilize in the therapy process.  I provide therapy in a warm, comfortable, safe, and confidential environment.  My clients and colleagues say that I am easy to talk to but yet professional. I see myself like most of my clients who likes to relax, have a little fun and spend quality time with family and friends.